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On-line entries


The International Tennis Federation (ITF) has just launched on-line entries for all Junior ITF Tournaments from 2010 and beyond.

This means that players MUST enter an ITF (NZ or overseas) directly with the ITF, not with the Host for tournaments and you do not require National Association endorsement. Instead the National Associations send the ITF a ranking list (updated 4 times a year) which is equivalent to endorsing players. To enter tournaments please use the on-line service through the ITF Junior website (www.itftennis.com/juniors)

Important notes:
  • Players must have a valid IPIN number to enter ITF tournaments. Failure to do so could result in the rejection of your entry. 
  • If you are a player that is interested in starting to play ITF's, please ensure that you sort out your IPIN number BEFORE the entry deadline. It can take up to 5 days to approve, so please allow plenty of time before entering your first tournament. To register for an IPIN please log on to: http://www.itftennis.com/ipin/  
  • For those who have already got an IPIN, please remember that you have to pay an annual IPIN Membership fee of US$20 for Juniors Circuit players and $45 for Pro Circuit players, payable online during the registration process. Please keep check of when your membership fee is due to avoid not being able to enter a tournament. 
Entry and Acceptance Procedures

Players will be permitted to enter a maximum of three (3) tournaments per tournament week and will be required to list the tournaments in order of priority (i.e. 1, 2, 3). Players will be able to see their acceptance status in each tournament from the entry deadline. After the entry deadline it is the responsibility of the player to withdraw from all tournaments he/she does not intend to play.

Player that have been accepted into both an ITF Junior and an ITF Pro Circuit tournament will not be automatically withdrawn from either list. It is the responsibility of the players to withdraw from the tournaments they do not intend to play, otherwise they will be penalised according to ITF Junior or ITF Pro Circuit regulations.

The ITF Junior and Pro Circuit regulations require all players to present a valid IPIN to the Supervisor on-site. 

Freeze Deadline

As in ITF Pro Circuits, a ‘freeze deadline’ will be introduced for all ITF Junior Circuit tournaments at 1400 GMT on the Wednesday before the start of the Main Draw. At this time players will no longer move from Qualifying to Main Draw, or from Alternates to Qualifying. Entry lists will be managed by the referee on site at each tournament and any vacancies created by withdrawals after this time will be filled by signed in Alternates (for Qualifying) and Lucky Losers (for Main Draw).

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